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    David Kaplanís Wild Card NFL Picks & National Title Kicker

    Chicago sports radio & TV legend David Kaplan has joined Sportsbook Review and was 3-2 on his football picks last week. Here are Uncle Kappy's Wild Card Weekend picks plus a national title lean.

    Well, here we are. The NFL regular season is over and we are at one of the best weekends on the sports calendar, Wild Card Weekend and on Monday the college football National Championship Game. I closed last week with a 3-2 record and now I turn my attention to trying to dominate the postseason, which I have had a lot of success handicapping over the past several seasons.

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    Lol ofcourse he took the Bears - the points. His record of 43-43-2 is very unimpressive. I can do better for a whole lot less. Plus I am more charming and better looking. Jus sayin.