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    Houston will never win

    weak schedule and talent just will never be big time

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    Houston is scheduling up. They played OU and Lousville last year. Next year Texas Tech and Arizona. They are going to play two major programs every year to try to prove themselves good enough for the Big 12

    USF is apparently zeroing in on Strong and UCF has Frost who did a good job. Memphis will be tough. SMU is coming on strong and their coach turned down Baylor. Tulsa is going to stay solid with their coach. Navy is going to be trouble year in and year out in that conference. Cincinnati is dangerous. Tulane is going to be getting better with Willie Frist.

    Houston fires coaches for losing four games. Going to be tough for Applewhite to succeed. That is a rough conference for that level of school. Houston should always be at the top but it will be tough and nothing less is going to cut it.

    The probably hired Applewhite to a large degree to keep their A&M transfer QB. Probably not the best decision.

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