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    Oregon's problem is that their style of offense is now old news. It is very easy to defend now. The biggest problem that Taggart has is to try and get recruits to go to Oregon. Washington has passed them up, and Oregon was never really close to Stanford or UCLA, much less USC. The Oregon program has been headed downhill for three years now. Another problem Taggart has is trying to find a QB that can lead the offense. He also has major work to do on the defensive side of the ball, something that Oregon never bothered with. Taggart has to play with the big boys now. Let give him a couple of years and see how he does. Unfortunately, that is all the time new HC's have now. It is win and win now or hit the road. The good news. Oregon has enough patsy's on their schedule to do better than 4-8.

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    Everytime I see this guy's last name I immediately think about "Blazing Saddles"

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    We shall see. I don't think he's a great fit, but he's a good coach.

    As for Strong, I wish Syracuse had the damn money to make him D Coordinator. Though, that's a pipe dream as he will be a HC somewhere. He would be perfect here, shit. But, kind of difficult to imagine him being below Babers. Call him assistant HC, and DC, or something. Sorry, just rambling. I know no one gives a shit about Cuse football, but soon enough you will see what it's like when the Dome is rocking again. Tommy DeVito, remember thy name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigdaddyQH View Post
    Your knowledge of College Football is almost nill.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigdaddyQH View Post
    Another problem Taggart has is trying to find a QB that can lead the offense
    If you knew anything about Oregon Football you would know who Justin Herbert is.

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    Taggart is a great hire. Dude was a stud QB himself at WKU playing under Jack Harbaugh. Then transitioned into Coach where he was the one responsible for bringing Andrew Luck to stanford and churning out multiple high quality RBs from there.

    He is from the Harbaugh tree (and a really good guy who the kids love per my co-worker who played with Jim) and has a grit that helfrich did not have.

    Oregon is on a downswing. That is true. They really need to figure out defense. Brady Hoke seemed to just make things worse.

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