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    Horse racing dirty secrets

    A interesting watch

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    Cliff notes please

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    sport is corrupt

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockmvp1209 View Post
    Cliff notes please
    Cliff notes:
    1) Jockeys pulling back the reins, fixing races.
    2) Jockeys giving key-info to bettors.

    There's one KEY note to contemplate re: this clip. This is English horse-racing. Someone can clarify this for me. But here's the KEY: a good % of English horse-racing is done on a FIXED-odds basis.

    IE, it's not a tote-board. If horse3 is 3/1, those are the odds. Doesn't matter if $1Mill bets come in the last minute b4 post.

    In USA, the same $1Mill bet would drive the tote-board odds way down.

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    That's so dirty