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    Sean payton may have gone off the deep end

    Guy is challenging every call, even if it's not close

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    It doesn`t matter the colts are whore shit

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    Andrew luck is bad. Guy always puts his defense in a hole. Maybe time to trade him

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    How can anyone blame it on colts offensive line. A 40 yr old hasselback did just fine. It's all on luck. Guy just threw another one to saints but straight dropped

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    The NFL is supposed to be a meritocracy and it certainly proved to be in New Orleans on Wednesday when Saints head coach Sean Payton confirmed that the organization fired a pair of team orthopedists for misdiagnosing the broken fibula of cornerback Delvin Breaux.

    Breaux was told in-house he had suffered a bone bruise, and he went for a second opinion because he didn’t feel right. The second look, which revealed the fracture, was just below a plate inserted when he went through a similar injury last season.

    According to Payton, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to physicians Deryk Jones and Misty Suri, intimating that it was more than just one mistake that cost them their relationship with an NFL team.

    “You’re always trying to get the best opinion possible,” the coach said. “It’s one of those positions with every team that there’s always that level of importance to come up with the right opinion. For years, those guys have done a great job and yet there was a point at which we just felt as an organization that change was going to be necessary for us.”

    Breaux, meanwhile, is having surgery in Green Bay on Thursday, which will keep him out of the lineup for six weeks.

    What we do know is that the coach expressed some disappointment with Breaux’s lack of availability earlier this week and ended up pushing for him to get back on the field based on the information he had at his disposal. In fact, Payton was so concerned with Breaux’s inability to get back to practice that two NFL sources told FanRag Sports the LSU product was on the trading block.

    Any coach is going to wonder why a player with a contusion can’t tough it out at some point, so the guess here is that Payton was embarrassed by trying to push a player back into the lineup with a broken leg. From Jones’ and Suri’s standpoints, perhaps that would have caught the issue on a second look if the pressure of the NFL wasn’t to get players back on the field as quickly as possible.

    Either way, Payton’s problem is tied directly to the doctors giving him the erroneous information. So essentially Jones and Suri lost their high-profile gigs for making the head coach look bad.

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    A. Luck was drafted as 'cant miss' NFL Star QB

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    MR KLC

    Something should have been done years ago. Yes Payton is to blame also but the medical staff has misdiagnosed plenty of times. In fact 3 players came out after the docs were fired. All 3 blame the medical staff. This isnt just to save face. It was time it was done. The doctors told Payton Breaux had a bone bruise and should be able to play. Breaux kept saying something wasnt right, and Payton blew a fuse. He gets a second opinion and finds out his fibula is broken right under the plate they put in this knee last year. Both the doctors and the Saints are to blame. Breaux should be back around week 3 or 4.

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    Twoser come back pal!!!