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    Thank You Marc Gasol!!!

    Fouled Ibaka with .7 seconds left. Those 2 free throws made my OKC -5.5 bet cover!

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    Same here OKC got the cover but somethings not right with the Thunder. I think I will remove them from consideration for the time being

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    Mr KLC
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    The Grizzlies’ Grit & Grind era has ended.

    Zach Randolph signed with the Kings, and Tony Allen appears likely to leave Memphis, too. The Grizzlies are prioritizing younger/cheaper players like Ben McLemore and Tyreke Evans.

    Marc Gasol via Ala Carta, as translated by HoopsHype:

    "I’m very ambitious and I’ve wanted Memphis to be a great franchise. We’ve grown a lot the last 6-7 years, but we have to keep growing. If this is not lined up, maybe we may have to revisit things."

    Gasol has been loyal to Memphis, and his first wish is probably winning there. But Giannis Antetokounmpo put it well: Teams must also do right by their players. Gasol is 32 and doesn’t have much time in his prime left. I see why rebuilding wouldn’t interest him.

    But what will he do about it if the Grizzlies don’t prioritize the present? They made their push last summer with a max contract for Chandler Parsons, but because Parsons can’t stay healthy, that deal only inhibits team growth.

    Gasol is locked up for two more years before a player option. He doesn’t have much leverage. This is part of the reason LeBron James keeps signing short-term contracts. Gasol doesn’t have the same ability to steer his team in his desired direction

    On the potentially bright side, rebuilding teams often don’t have much use for 32-year-olds guaranteed more than $72 million over the following three years. If the fit devolves, Memphis becomes more likely to trade him.

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    Acquiring Marc was the only good thing the Grizz ever did. It was a total fluke. They don't deserve a player of his caliber.