Don't delete this. Just speaking the truth.

In Before TL;DR, never heard of ya pal, and who's ghost are you?

With SBR Pro applications rising at an all-time rate, threads being made every minute and heavy traffic resulting in 1000's of people constantly viewing the forum, you'd think this would be the 'peak' of SBRForum. Far from it.

What ever happened to actually discussing sports?

What ever happened to being able to negotiate point transfers without any hassles or people whining about scammers

What ever happened to posters being able to express themselves freely without being worried moderators/administrators we're quick to to implement infractions that weren't warranted.

What ever happened to points not being TAKEN SO SERIOUSLY?

Now, I look at the forum and see posters such as Warriorfan707, a known scammer being able to post his plays when he should of been banned like the rest of them.

You have 'sportsbettingguy' clogging up the forum posting his useless thread about plays he's airbetting trying to prove a point. No one cares about your make believe fabricated record. Threads like that should be moved to the 'Trash' Forum. Yes, there should be a trash forum where people make plays without justifying why they're taking it and without proof of the actual ticket of their wager.

You have 'big-time' gamblers here making up records and sweeping losses under the rug on a daily basis confusing 'noobs' who join this forum looking for people to tail. Now, I'm not saying you should blindly tail anyone but when you see someone claiming their hitting 60% *cough* SJ55 *cough* you're more prone to be swayed to go on their side than someone else. There are many other cappers, most of them on Players Talk with an insane amount of views that never regard their losses, and just their winners*cough* paco *cough*.

What is Players Talk?

Is it a place where degenerate gamblers post useless threads talking about how they're airbetting $1,000 on the Edmonton Oilers, but they can't prove it because their daddy said so.

Is it a place where some kid from the farm who loves to wear ties makes a fool of himself posting nothing of importance.

You know what's funny...what's funny is the USEFUL threads get the least amount of views but all the 'dramatic' threads are always on top.

For Example:

Cougar Bait Plays for tonight has 26 views. Now I'm not saying he's going to win every play but he at least puts in the time and effort. Not only that but he makes videos and contributes to the forum.

There are so many unknown posters posting winners but everyone's so fixated on all the nutjobs here.

Get back to the old times. Get Nicky and JJ making videos. Heck, GET MORE PEOPLE MAKING VIDEOS. All of you guys are too scared to get infront of a camera because of either your looks or you're just born shy. Who up

What ever happened to people posting plays and giving the viewers a reason? You don't have to write an essay but there has to be a reason YOU put money on it. So why not tell us?

What's the Saloon? I don't even have a clue what that is but why don't the Admins use it more often? Move threads like these over there.

And add all the European vs American bullcrap there too. No one needs to read it.

Also, enough with the SBR Pro vs Non-pro crap. If you're a NON-PRO complaining about points, deposit $200 and stfu. If you're a pro hassling the non-pro's, go outside pal.

Not trying to be a hater but this forum has a lot of potential that looks like it's going to waste.

Some of the pro's that I will mention. interviews with Pinnacle
Points System I know all you guys have a hard on for points
SBR Bash
One of the busiest forums

Who am I? Doesn't matter. If you actually read all this congratulations, you're a winner at life.