Originally posted on 01/12/2024:

Thought Id start a thread for any NJ books with offers or promos for the NFL playoffs. Have not seen much but SuperBook sent an email that some reduced juice and odds boosts will be coming. They did have a great one on Christmas boosting the Ravens to +200 +5.5 vs the 49ers so hoping to see more like that.

These days, I mostly focus on DraftKings, FanDuel, BetRivers, and SuperBook. Use to like WynnBet but they are gone so Im down to these four. BetRivers has been the best for me the last few months and I made it up to Level 10 of VIP. Wont last but Ive benefited from it with some added promos and bonuses.

Not much is standing out for picks yet on the games. I probably like the Bucs on Monday the best but will see what else jumps out through the weekend.