Originally posted on 01/31/2017:

Growing up In LA 720Kdwn came in better then local stations. I listened to Lee Pete and Donnie Bader every Sunday night. Al Bernstein was a frequent guest and I would call in sometimes to talk boxing. I met Lee at the Old Frontier hotel. There was a so cal black out on Santa Anita every where, but the Frontier was taking it, plus I was a huge harness Racing guy and Loved Garden State, Who did I see walk in a with a bright Pink Sweater and big Unlit Cigar Lee. He sat and talked with me for at least an hour.It was about everything life, gambling,sports,movies, told me to stay away from Las Vegas when I wanted to move there.Lee told me all about Toledo he was awesome. After that Roxy Roxborough and Arnie Langs show was great too.Would always make sure to take Monday off if I drove to Vegas because I would make sure to watch the Stardust line live in person at the sports book.I miss Las Vegas of the 80s and early 90's.