Originally posted on 11/24/2013:

In the interest of not having to repeat ourselves everytime Carseller4 creates a new thread begging for points, here are some basic facts to be aware of before extending even 1 point to this crap sandwich:

-Leaving aside history from over a year ago (where cs4 got in deep debt, and was able to get out through the generous intervention of secretstash). This occurred before I started paying much attention, so anyone else is free to flesh it out...although he's proven in the last year and some change that any respect he might have gained before then has been longe since squandered.

October 2012: CS4 borrowed 6k from yisman to pay dngf (robbed peter to pay paul), promising 6 pts per day plus 50% of winnings from poker and freeplays. Secretstash again volunteers to help cs4 avoid degenerate need to gamble by maintaining a poker escrow account to prevent cs4 from running to casino in a moment of weakness. Over the next few months, CS4 sends 6 points per day and generally lives up to the deal, but manages to get a further 6500 points in debt due to borrowing more every week than he pays back.

February 2013: Yisman finally cuts CS4 off from weekly bumps (previously 300 points a week usually)(http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post17720516), citing the ballooning of CS4's debt. CS4 responds by only sporadically paying 6/day, instead increasing his transfers to casino and picking up various staking deals for poker to avoid squandering his own points in poker. "Mistakes" begin to be made more and more frequently, such as borrowing points for rebuy poker tourney (with the condition that unused rebuys are to be returned) and taking the extra points to the casino instead (for example: http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post17916404). Worth noting that historically in the 20-payout format of poker tourneys with massive overlays, CS4 averages a profit of only 5 points per tourney.

March 2013: Despite promising to turn over a new leaf several times and pay more for debt (,http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post18021316), CS4 continues to lose it all in the casino, convinced that he's "due" for an "epic run" that will somehow erase all his debt. Frequent lies and breaking of deals causes CS4 to lose remaining poker stakers, resorts to daily begging for poker staking due to inability to hang on to points without shipping to casino. Makes more pledges to pay 13/day, which don't even last 1 day (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/1969888-carseller4-yisman-loan-p18.html#post18101674).

At this time, CS4 also declares 'bankruptcy", effectively announcing that he will cease adding interest to the amount owed (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...cy-filing.html). When nobody buys it, he attempts to play it off as a joke (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post18170228). A moderator (shari) steps in and makes it clear that due to his continued lying and scamming, he is no longer allowed to be sent points, with any sent points to be cancelled and returned to sender. Stakes are later allowed, with gifts and loans prohibited.

Mid-march 2013: due to the generosity of a poster giving away 500 points after a massive win, CS4 receives 500 points (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post18111638), which he promptly loses. He then goes back and sneaks another 500 points from the poster (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post18113984) who mistakenly gives it to him. CS4 then proceeds to gamble it in casino and poker, going on an epicly lucky run and managing to send about 1200 pts to yisman (despite being up an additional 3000 or so and pissing it away in casino). After this payback, CS4 asks to borrow the points back from yisman, who refuses. True to her word, shari cancels the gifts and puts CS4 in the hole to the tune of -1000 points.

April 2013: no1here decides to try to help CS4 get out of debt, despite overwhelming proof that CS4 is beyond help. He offers to "stake" CS4 for 80% of poker winnings, paying CS4 back to 0 points so he can play again as well (.http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post18289376). Several days later, no1here learns what everyone else did, and rescinds the staking arrangement (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post18493732). Shari cancels his staking transaction and CS4 is back to negative points.

Additionally, poker tournament format changes from 20 places paid to 12 places paid; CS4's average poker return shifts from +5 points per tournament to -13 pts per tournament.

May to July 2013:
CS4 logs in every day and slow creeps back towards zero, finally managing to put all of his daily points towards debt reduction as he has no other choice.

July 2013: CS4 regains positive points and pledges to make a fresh start (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...esh-start.html). This lasts for approximately 2 weeks before relapsing to few to no points (despite continued donations from non-pros).

August 2013: CS4 continues to jerk yisman around, mixing it up with new lows like trying to sell freeplays to yisman and never showing anything but a fake ticket (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...l#post19456640). Despite the shenanigans, CS4 is somehow not banned.

September 2013: CS4 loses pro status, and despite claiming to pay up $200 to maintain pro status, he doesn't. Despite hitting a royal flush and getting a 1500 point rollover, he clears exactly 0 of it (I was at his table, didn't even get halfway through before losing it all). Steals the winnings from a freeplay he sold to yisman (http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/betpoints/...-start-p8.html) and wastes them in casino trying to get to 3k to renew.

October 2013: After going on the run of a lifetime in the casino, CS4 manages to amass 3k points to renew pro and does so. Pledges anew to resume repayment; immediately fails to follow through on previously promised 6/day.

Present: In the 7 weeks since regaining pro status, CS4 has managed to live up to his promised 6/day less than 15% of the time. Additionally, he has averaged a measly payback of 4 points per day in the last 6 months, the majority of which was given to him or to yisman on his behalf by other (well intentioned but naive) posters. Adding roughly calculated interest, the +4 pts daily would amount to over -10 pts daily progress on loan. Despite the above facts, CS4 continues to insist that outside forces (posters and mods holding him accountable for his actions) are the only reason he hadn't yet paid the loan off (conveniently ignoring the complete lack of his ability to generate points to do so).

Instructions for this thread: In the interest of not giving CS4 the attention he so desparately craves while still warning potential newbies of his deep-rooted scuminess, please bump this thread instead of replying in any of CS4's begging threads. This way, people can be warned and the same arguments won't have to presented over and over again.