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    Whats up!!!

    Yo new here! Just found this place as I was searching for reviews on bookies. Going to make my first deposit soon at bookmaker looks like and get my gambling career started! I'm a freshman so I'll have lots of time on my hands but only like $20 bets lol

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    Alright Duke, good luck to you.

    Don’t listen to the people who tell you to quit now while you’re ahead, LOL, but do listen to the people who tell you to keep your emotions in check and to be careful jiggling your bet size. You might make 10 $20 bets but that one $200 bet you make will make all the difference.

    Don’t get greedy. Patience and discipline are our virtues. Don’t chase.

    Look into turning Pro at SBR, there are benefits.

    Good luck!

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    Welcome aboard!