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    Questions on SportMarket

    I am confused about the SportMarket broker.

    I was under the impression that SportMarket would provide all the betfair matches, liquidity and odds either through Fair or through MollyBet. I thought that MollyBeat would be a pass through to Betfair.
    However I see some Tennis Double matches on Betfair when logged on Betfair directly that I do not see on SportMarket. I contacted the support and got the following response:

    "After consulting with our software provider, we have been informed that we only offer doubles for Grand Slam events."
    I would appreciate any help in understanding SportMarket, MollyBet and Betfair and how they work together. I thought that the value prop for SportMarket was to provide access to all what there is on Betfair and more (BetDaq, SportsBooks, etc...) and I thought that they had a direct connection to Betfair (called Fair) or that they were using Mollybet for that.

    See image enclosed Thank you for your help

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    "molly" is their own betting exchange, where Sportsmarket Pro users (or Mollybet, etc) can bet against each other. There's usually hardly any action at all (yet - maybe it will improve).

    "Fair" just grabs the odds available on Betfair, but it's not possible to add bets to the market yourself anymore. This has been replaced by the molly exchange.

    Most markets of interest are available, but some are not, and there's not much you can do about it. It is as it is.

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    Thank you for your response and the clarification.

    So if i understand properly, Molly is 2 things: 1) a platform and 2) an exchange. Sportmarket is build on top of Molly the platform. And on the Molly platform, we can find bdak, pin88, molly exchange, etc...

    Does Molly provide the betfair odds as a separate pool of liquidity then?

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    Sportmarket is already starting to not pay out winnings and is canceling winning bets, even on BIG markets!!!

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    Which state you in?

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    Was able to withdraw 100k in 3 days so feels fine. They re-asked all the common ID/address verification but that was fine.

    I think there is always some risk on a operator that has Curacao/Kahnawake/similar license. But so far Sportmarket has been very good for me. I have not used the Mollybet side.