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    ya know what makes me angry

    to see message when reading info on fox news , CNN M SNBC etc.. TO disable my ad blocker and allow ads

    moderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fawkers i sc ream n go else where or just use a vpn from japa

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    Too bad you couldnt use that NY judge who looks like Doc on "Back to Future" to block them damn ads cause the wacko sure as hell will do anything to block Trump. But before long DOJ forced to do their damn job finally & Makesure Assholes Get Arrested! Lol
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    I don't believe you ... please continue
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    All media is biased

    Unbiased news has never actually existed.

    I am biased but I try and be as transparent as possible. None of us are capable to not bring our own biases to the discussion.

    Attract eyeballs through conflict
    Like a lazy paperboy they aren't interested in delivering the news
    Like the Jerry Springer show. The worse you feel about America the better they do.
    An uneducated consumer is their best customer.

    There is very little reason to watch those channels anymore. I mean, ya if there is a weather alert or lava pouring over Iceland. Fox News still has some integrity and a few smart people which isn't the case at CNN or MSNBC. They are activists, not journalist despite what they claim. ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR are just as bad as CNN and MSNBC. They are almost unwatchable. They are perfect for those who aren't capable of critical thinking.

    CNN contacted advertisers on Tucker Carlson's show at Fox, demanding they pull their ads. Eventually it seems they succeeded. Shows how different these so called new outlets are. When Trump banned CNN from his pressers, FOX came to their defense. Trump backed off. CNN was allowed back in.

    The Far Left had things going pretty good for awhile. Conservatives were being banned from Twitter and still are from places like YouTube. They even shut down the president of the USA. Try having a show on YouTube which employs many people and to this day criticize the covid vaccine. You will be demonitized immediately. Just being accused of a crime gets you booted off. Just ask Russell Brand.

    Thankfully times are a changin'. Musk restored free speech. Its not perfect but so much better than before he bought Twitter. So many conservative voices unblocked again. Rumble is on fire. They don't ban hardly anyone. Bongino has millions of followers, Tucker in on Rumble, as is Brand and so many more. They are taking over. They won't be censored. They won't be told what to say.

    You can be a critic of an experimental drug and go on Rumble and tell people about it. If the president's crackhead some leaves his laptop at a repair shop and refuses to get it and it shows clear evidence of the Biden's family of corruption with China and the Ukraine, Rumble won't block people from seeing it like YouTube, Fakebook and Google did right before the election. Yet, people (to this day) wil still claim the election wasn't rigged. LOL.

    OldBill, there are plenty of ways to get your news nowadays. Even if you're a far Lefty such as yourself. Those sites are a dying breed.