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Many of Donald Trump’s supporters refuse to believe he’s lied ― even when the former president has admitted to it.
In startling footage that aired on MSNBC on Sunday, the prankster duo known as The Good Liars confronted people at a rally with the former president’s own statements admitting to lies.
It led to some awkward moments.

“It definitely feels a little bit like you’re in the ‘Twilight Zone’ when you go to these rallies,” Jason Selvig, one half of the team, said on MSNBC. “There’s a little bit of a punch in the face when you get there, like you’re entering a different reality.”

Selvig and comedic partner Davram Stiefler shared footage of supporters outside a rally last week talking about their beliefs on everything from “stolen” elections to the “flat Earth” theory.

Even some of their T-shirt slogans became points of contention.
“It doesn’t matter what you say, and it almost feels like we’re back in time or something.” Stiefler said. “The world continues to move forward, so many things have happened, but it feels almost just like 2016.”

see them live on video here