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    SBR casiṇ versus 5dimes casiṇ

    I see that SBR and 5dimes use the same software for their casiṇ.

    For your opinion, their software uses the same algoritms or the 5dimes casiṇ use 'modified' algoritms? (do you understand me?)


    If i beat SBR casiṇ, can i beat 5dimes casiṇ???

    P.s.:this is a joke questions. i don't like game to the online casiṇ....

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    Yes, you can make millions at the 5dimes casino. You should go play now!

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    I seem to do fairly well on 5Dimes casino but when I try the same things on SBR's casino, I always go broke very fast.

    But then again I've only played on 5 Dimes casino a few times and haven't lost, but haven't played on it for a few months. SBR's, I'd take out a loan of 300 and try to run the same type of moves and SBR makes you go broke very fast.

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    Our rules and payouts are better. At least they better be.