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    once the knicks now trade every player on the team for a word called defense they will have a sniff of winning a 7 game series in the playoffs. until that day comes this is nothing more than making people happy, not winning. you can bank on that.

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    good - im tired of hearing about it. knicks are really building a contender.

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    IMO both teams benefit from this trade. Took long enough

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    Everyone saying the Knicks will have no room to sign other players when the new CBA comes out: neither will other teams without rollbacks

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    Other teams dont have 2 guys making 40M silly.

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    Isn't there going to be a lockout next season???

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    bout time... like the trade.. .knicks got rid of some useless payroll and got the player they wanted.. had to give up alot but got some decent talent beside melo obviously

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    Quote Originally Posted by teecee View Post
    with carmelo, you could argue that the knicks, are equal to what denver was. i don't believe the nuggets were going to contend for the title. all things being equal, teamwise. carmelo gets to go to n.y.c, and make more money (i'm assuming he'll get more money, although i haven't paid alot of attention to the negotiations). he has to go to n.y.
    how do u figure? do u see the current knicks roster with melo, its pretty bad dude. other than endorsement, he doesnt make more money going to NY, its the same contract extension. i dont blame the knicks for getting melo, u gotta roll the dice with 2 superstars. but they gave up a lot of role players that will take time to replace. and now u have a big chunk of the cap commited to 2 players, which could prove to be a huge problem depending on the new CBA....

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    Beating the Heat in Miami could be a sign of things to come.

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