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    great offensive player. can score in anyway but does not do anything else well

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    I didn't need a GM to tell me that. Any average basketball fan can tell he is a robin, not a batman

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    he's got a ton of talent, but still hasn't grown up and acted like a pro. the kid is a proven winner. carried a team to a ncaa title as a freshman. he's a tremendous offensive talent, but to say he's the best pure shooter in the nba is a big stretch. there is a guy called ray allen still playing. the proposed trade to chi for noah, deng and some junk doesn't make sense for bulls. they'd lose their center and a wing player who can d up. the nets deal is a win/win for both sides. nets get a marquee name to pair with lopez for the move to brooklyn and denver gets some young parts to try and rebuild with.

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    he isn't chopped liver

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    Remember this thread?

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    This isn't enough to make up for the D-Rose thread.

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