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    I'm rocking a two-team chalk money line parlay today

    Bengals -155
    Charger -290
    Pays a little over 6:5

    Bengals look like they're ready to turn the corner.
    Burrow looked a lot better last week, still a little wobbly, he'll be fine.

    Normally I shy away from road faves, making an exception here.
    Tannehill doesn't have the weapons to keep up with the Bengals.

    I really can't see the Bolts losing outright at home to the Raiders.
    Not with O'Connell inder center today for Las Vegas.
    Feeling here is Herbert gets his rocks off early and often.

    That's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it.

    50 gets me 61

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    BOL nash.

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    Get em Nash

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    I thought bengals turned a corner as well nash

    they can fob into the bye 3-3 still but need burrow healthy after that