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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckyTheGoat View Post
    Just speaking out loud. Discussion on this site now seems to be anything BUT betting on games.
    I'll respond to this, I will keep it short and vague, and any follow up questions will fall on deaf ears as I will not respond.

    In due time, and I am 100 percent confident in saying such, threads and posts regarding sports, discussion about both brick and mortar and internet books, markets, etc. etc, etc will be demonstrative better, and informative too.

    Never trust somebody who says to your face "trust me on this"
    Trust me on this, one thing I won't do is try to convince you SBR will so much better going forward, don't take my word on this, just watch going forward.
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    game 5 is shocking

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    I have an opinion. This game sucks. Unwatchable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2bets View Post
    I have an opinion. This game sucks. Unwatchable.
    Miami heat basketball. Muck it up .

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakerboy View Post
    Miami heat basketball. Muck it up .
    Barrett actually had a good game. Props to him.

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