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    SO once again i give you winning craps system

    started this way back in 2015 have not had losing month yet

    it's doey dont system with my tweak if you get hit with any natural 7 - 11 NO bets after zero! let dice pass to next shooter and you cant bet $1 chips on hop 7's or any other bets in middle

    not any casino in PA and it dont pay to bet $5 on any 7 i tried it using live craps games on you tube was losing $5 on any 7 and $20 if point was 11

    ok $15 min table bet 15 on dont pass point established best for you 5-9 or 4-10 6-8 is worse because xtra $1 needed to place so you have $15 DP lay $12 that wins $10 if 7 out your total pick up is $15 + $15 +$12 +$10 $52 back in rack now to get profit you need to place 6 or 8 for $24 wins $28 total back is $52 minus your DP $27 = $25 profit

    7 out you profit $28 point made you profit $25 other guy one night said your losing $6 i told him your wrong watch....

    point was 9 i laid $18 that pays $12 on 7 out placed 9 for $20 that wins $28

    7 out I pick up all chips $15 +$15 + 18 + 12 = $60 - $20 place i said = $40 profit look see me put chips in rack

    if 9 was made i pick up all chips $48 lose the $33 = $15 profit

    and so on and so on but adjust to what the players are doing if they are making like 2 passes or even 1 do not lay odds go more on place bets or just pick up the dont pass and place the point for $20 or $24

    if the 7 out more lay more odds and place for minimum i pick up players motions and facial expressions

    one dude was out like 6 or 700 goes gets more cash and i see different i bet dont pass wam 7 then 7 then 11 the 7 so i said hmmm could he get it thrid time i placed pass line and he took off 5 mins each roll made 6 points and i had the boxes bet too upped 1 unit all of them with each win and i couldnt believe the money i won on him

    but dope kept playing and lost most of it back not realizing he just washed like $1000 in action so now after im up like $975 after buy in $340 i'm saying cash out head home but i couldn't heavy dense fog at 5 30 am waited until 7 30 then took off but rush hour traffic was horrible and had to hard brake 3 times pull left or right to avoid hitting car in front so moved over to right lanes that were moving!

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