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    Mets appreciation thread

    What a facking game! Looked like another blown Degrom start until the magic Mets came back not once, not twice, but 3 times lol!!! Huge win. Had a very big play on Mets/ lightning parlay that I assumed was dead as a door nail long ago. Itís amazing how a win like this can change your whole day. I was about to be a grumpy asshole ready to slam drinks, but now I think Iíll go for a hike with the dogs. Kill some time before the Lightning finish em off!

    Tonightís card:

    Lightning -1.5 and regulation. (Top plays) they bury the Habs tonight by 3+

    Phillies ml.... wheeler is dealing. Cubs are sucking. It will be 12 straight losses after tonight

    New England Revolution ml... Iíll lay the juice. They will win this game at home. Undefeated at home in 5 matches 10:4 ratio 5 wins. Toronto stinks this year. On the road in 7 matches they have 6 losses and 1 tie 7:20 ratio.

    Good luck guys!

    Very chincy pk that England was just awarded....lucky rebound also

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    hader buried me

    solo shot by a bum

    d.o.a now