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    The early start will likely make fatigue more of an issue, should be a lot of missed perimeter shots in the second half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaTopMoron View Post
    They just had a 17 point quarter and are only down 3?

    Clippers missed about 6/8 shots when they had the ball and were down 1 to Mavs throughout first half

    George looks lost on offense, getting stripped like a bum

    they had a stretch on offense where they took 3 straight shots with no other Clipper inside the paint... absolutely zero shot for offensive rebounds

    Jackson kept Clippers in it 1Q then Clippers got back into the game by being put in the bonus with 7 min left 2Q and Dallas going cold

    Dallas gets hot... what will the Clippers do? They are the mini-blazers IQ wise on offense
    Nice pick, MORON

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