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    Quote Originally Posted by pologq View Post
    and what she will never understand is the rush you get from playing that in the 2 minutes plus you accept the risk as you could have potentially won those bets as well. it is always, "i knew you would lose".
    That's exactly what I'm saying, had it went the other way and I had won 500 in 2 minutes she would have had her greedy little hand out asking me to buy her something asking me to give her a couple hundred bucks.

    It's just a lose-lose all around. -EV

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    lose try again, lose try again , lose try again, lose try again, win give it all back, lose try again , lose try again, lose try again, lose try again

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    anyone remember meeting their guy on settle day to pick up a fat envelope?

    me either

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrickJames View Post
    jj posted this a long time ago, this might be the funniest gambling routine I have ever read. I still laugh about it to this day when I think about it. I'm going to copy and paste it so it might not turn out well if it looks like shit someone feel free to fix it for me, I'm on a cell phone right now.

    5:00AM Workout, jog like 5 minutes in my place, bench press a little (around 50lbs), 10 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, 10 curls (15lbs), throw the medicine ball around for another 5 or so/ .

    5:45AM- Power breakfast, 2 eggs, 5 slices bacon, 10 slices tailor ham, a few sausages, glass of milk, a stick of oriole cookies

    6:30 Shower and sing tunes for like a 1/2 hour. Usually then put on a jumpsuite and my chains and here is something new. I bought this shit that is suppose to make your rooster grow, so I throw some if on shaft and head. It is some type of powder. I do it everyday. Finally cement rug on and comb it and inspect it a lot.

    7:15AM- Hit the forum, post some shit to my pupils

    7:30AM- I make some calls for early wise guy plays around the country.

    8:00Am Duke this kid down the hallway to get me the racing forms and every addition.

    8:15AM- Usually a big timer from newark calls me seeing what is up.
    The guy is trying to get me into a 3 card monte game outside. I don't leave my pad much.

    8:40 Start reasearching the net and looking for edges, looking at line services and looking for bad / weak numbers . Make a few posts

    9:45AM- I call the track starters at each track I am betting and look for angles to bet. I also have a few track clockers in my back pocket so I get good shit to bet.

    10:15AM- Look out the window and shit and see whats up. I usually conduct most of my biz from the window and guys stand below to get assignments. I throw out usually bazookas gums to the kids for 5 minutes and these kids go fukkin wild battling for it. A ritual we have.
    Make a few posts

    10:45AM- Getting edgy, early race cards getting closer. I usually go play a hold-em game ($50/$100) for like an hour. I fuk around in there chatting and trying to pick up chicks. Or if not poker usually kids cut school and we play ps2 for a while.

    11:45- Will look at a few porn magazines and dream. Also watch pron for a little bit and try and learn and get Tips. Finally to cap off my sex hour I usually call the phone/chat lines ad talk to girls live and shit and they tell me what they want to do to me and everything. These girls sound really sexy too. Make a few posts

    12:45 Pop some early doubles hard and get in my pick 4's. I have 4 cards usually in front of me and use only DRF paper addition

    1:00 Bury some games and get good numbers. I usually move for a few Newark players too. Big lunch and usually have big macs everyday. The manager owes me so he delivers them

    1:15PM- On the phone with Russ and telling him what books to watch fr and asking him where the early Canadian money is on. Boys you all wish you were as sharp as me. Make a few posts

    1:30PM Usually these girls call back from the chat line wanting to talk nasty. We talk for like 10 minutes and then I tell them to fukkin bill me. They know I am big time so they like to call.

    1:50 Betting still some ponies, make a few posts

    2:30PM The HS kids come over and we eat and I let them bet with my horse accounts for a while. They all bring their own forms though and I supply only pretzles, chips, ice cream and soda. No smoking or drugs.

    4:00PM Kids gone, make some calls to west coast and see what is up. Call sharks to make sure we are on same page. Pop pills for my paranois I developed. I have a few like thinking spiders are in every fukkin room, think my rug is loose or crooked, I do not like it dark. Always think raccoons are trying to get in, think my computer always crashes and finally fear of losing. I take shit for it though. Make a few posts

    5:00 PM- kids yelling up to my window asking who I like and I give them games and amounts to bet and then they all run to walk up shops and put cash bets in. I also have dialogue with some locals from window and tellin them who to bet.

    5:30 Again I throw bazooka bubble gum out the windows to the kids and give them like 100 pieces a session. This is so big now there are like 100 kids waiting for me to toss them out. What a fukkin battle to get gum. Make a few posts

    6:00PM- the big players all come to my pad and we discuss the night and who we like and why. Secondly they always bring food and Italian it is.
    Lots of sharps telling stories and all these guys on phone pounding games all over country.

    7:15 Call Brett, Call Sportman,, Call Dimeplayers, action, action, action, post

    7:30PM phone ringing constantly with info, on net banging plays

    8:00 Snack, watch games, computer, ect and flip on porn a little.

    8:40PM- post, poker, dance to some tunes

    9:40 Hit the dating lines and leave lots of messages for women. I basically just say, strong, handsome, bear looking for my little cub to play with. It has not worked yet.

    10:15PM Grade games, watch games, post, snack

    11:00 Make contacts with sharks and workout payment plans, call locals, ect, post

    12:00AM Play 3 card monte in hallway for an hour with neighbors

    1:00AM Wrap up posting and i call a girl to chat sex with for a while, look at lines and stats, play video games.

    2:00AM take my fukkin rug off and what a pain in the ass, glue all fukkin over and shit. I am cursing because it toes not come off easy. It usually takes like 30 minutes to get scalp clean and free of sticky glue becuase if not I pay for it in bed, My fukkin head sticks to the pillow and I get pissed off.

    3:00AM watch porn and try to jack off if I can get it up. I usually pretend I am banging chick on tv, I out screen real close to me like I am there. I kind of pump bed

    Eventually fall asleep for a little bit and back right at it.

    Of course when i do go out I have to meet bookmakers and sharks but other than that I am home most of the time and I have guys on my payroll to get me everything.

    You know I might be more normal than some of you nuts
    tailor (Taylor) Ham is quite honestly the best breakfast meat ever. If you don't know now ya know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pologq View Post
    i will read espn and game previews in the morning, whether while at work or after errands on sat and sun. place bets during my day. only nfl i start betting on sunday night to get early lines.

    my day is work and home by 6pm usually. go for a walk, do a workout at home bc of covid, shower, eat and check my bets.
    All the ESPN game previews are gone now. The after-game summary recaps are gone too.

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    Game previews not as easy to find anymore

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    I usually slit my wrists over a newspaper and whatever team the first drop of blood lands on I bet

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    watching 4 screens on a daily thing..............

First 12