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    Quote Originally Posted by The General View Post
    On the bright side, its great entertainment.
    Yes. No Shame starting a thread with this much entertainment value!!

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    Proof is in the pudding...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Odom View Post

    Touts Liars and Crooks

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    Eye opening thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optional View Post
    How the hell do you know what happens to Pimike ? You're an habitual liar always making false statements of facts like that.

    Same as claiming it is "Fake News" that you have been banned for trying to tout here before.

    Just a bald faced lie.

    During the last week I have seen you giving it hard to Hman and Pimike over and again, trolling basically. Personally and picking at both over and again to get a reaction.

    But you are gonna cry now about me coming back at you once! You're pathetic pal.

    Anyway, full disclosure, I plan to come at you every chance you give me. You do it daily to other people. Now you are going to get a taste of it yourself unless you stop right now. Or we get back to 3 permanent points. (-500 it takes less than a week to get to 3)

    You add almost zero positives and just spend your days trying to upset people. Mercilessly and personally ripping into Hman the other day was the last straw. If I had see that interaction in real time you would be gone now.

    Any rule you break in pubic I see gets you and infraction.
    Oh Snap!! Don't piss off Opti!! Dawgy in the dog house now..

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