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    Dwight Howard.................................. .....

    16 points (8 of 8 FG’s), 10 rebounds, 4 blocks in 23 minutes. +23.

    energy, very active

    He looks healthy again.

    And focused.

    hope he doesnt bum out by the playoffs

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    The Kraken
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    LBJ has told him he’ll get his ring if he plays right

    This will be the best year of his career

    He doesn’t have it in him to play two years like this, so he’ll give it his all this year and be done

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    He looks like hes been working out a lot. He is playing very hard

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    His back likely won't hold up

    Been a hindrance to him since Orlando

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    He always has been productive in nba

    no surprise

    Lakers are real good

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    If Lakers don't have major injury trouble they'll be scary. The AD + Bron combo looks practically unguardable at times and they haven't even developed full chemistry yet. Dwight still has the ability to be a beast, has strong motivation to prove the haters wrong and get a trophy

    I'd bet on them to win it over the Clippers tbh

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    Can't believe no one is talking about perhaps the funniest story in pro sports with Dwight. The guy had to have season ending surgery last yr bc he got fukked in the a$$ by a tranny. Do the research

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    He will be an all star