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    brock nation was definitely on this

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    Quote Originally Posted by rake922 View Post
    that sucks. coulda got 2 escorts with that cash
    maybe 3 lol Rake...

    Does this work better for you below? I got stung for a few bucks with the Stros today.. I'll recover though, I always do.. Still me no likey the bottom of the 9th comeback by the O's

    $260.00 $100.00 Loss 8/11/19 1:05pm MLB Baseball 917 Houston Astros -1 -260* vs Baltimore Orioles (J Verlander - R must Start A Wojciechowski - R must Start)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoke View Post
    What was the score? I was mowing the lawn
    Damn Smokey, it took you 3 months to mow the lawn?

    Welcome back!

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    lol couple days ago i browsed MLB matchups and times after Indians popped Twins in game 1...

    saw Astros record and win streak... playing Bal... won by 1 run

    figured in true MLB fashion balty would win 1 of the next 2 somehow...

    but winning bottom 9th 2 outs after blowing it after being ripped for 23 runs?

    very glad i don't touch the game. i would have bet Bal to win the 23-2 game then not touched the series finale

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    who had Orioles?

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    Picked up $8k in the ff Saturday against orioles. Gave the $8k back with ff against orioles yesterday. Bottom of 5th was as sick as bottom of 9th thinking a W. Verlander wtf haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bostongambler View Post
    Get drunk and order a hooker and soon this will all be behind you.
    Twins, reds, & cubs parlay tonight bostongambler......... Please please please tell me its time to give up on baseball. I just cant even right now!!!!

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    Astros are 25-2 at home vs AL West.

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    Alex Bregman has reached 100 walks, 109 runs scored and 100 RBI for the season tonight. He's the second player to go 100+ in all 3 categories this season (also Trout).

    He's also the 3rd player in Astros history to do so, joining Lance Berkman (2x) and Jeff Bagwell (6x).

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