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    Quote Originally Posted by LT Profits View Post
    Ignoring bonuses, there are many better sites than Bovada for football. 5 Dimes has the most offerings although Heritage has better lines a majority of the time during the week. as 5 Dimes Reduced Juice lines usually do not go up until gameday. So if you like betting early, I suggest Heritage. If you do not bet until day of game and enjoy tons of props, I suggest 5 Dimes.
    mr. brady this is only post you need , this guy knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hman View Post
    I see no offers from Heritage right now
    Once you sign up, they start calling and make an offer. Before I switched to 105 juice instead, i would get 500 every year from them for bonuses. I think it was 50% cash, so dep 1000 too get it.

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    brady we need your big baller status back

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    stick to one account

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    I've been recreational betting online for nearly 20 years (250+ days a year).

    In my experience 5dimes and Heritage are the best. I have tried many others but always stay at these two. I love their options, lines and how fast/reliable they are to pay (5dimes has gotten better with their payout speed too).

    I wish I could play at pinnacle and miss Matchbook, too. I've heard bookmaker is solid but I haven't tried them yet. I'll never bet with betphoenix again.

    Bovada has always paid me but their lines are terrible and don't have nearly as many options as 5dimes and Heritage.

    BOL, man.

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