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    NFL Super Bowl Odds Going Into Final Week Of Regular Season


    NFL Super Bowl LIII
    Sun 12/30 1:00PM
    Super Bowl LIII - Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta, Georgia - February 3, 20...*
    New Orleans Saints +265
    Kansas City Chiefs +500
    Los Angeles Rams +550
    New England Patriots +640
    Chicago Bears +1325
    Los Angeles Chargers +1350
    Baltimore Ravens +1850
    Dallas Cowboys +2400
    Houston Texans +2950
    Seattle Seahawks +3000
    Indianapolis Colts +3750
    Minnesota Vikings +3750
    Pittsburgh Steelers +6000
    Philadelphia Eagles +6600
    Tennessee Titans +7200

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    Saints free money

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    Definitely not the year to call any team free money. About as wide open as it gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daneblazer View Post
    Saints free money
    Chargers free money.

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    Titans, Vikings and Steelers just about the only 3 teams I see having no shot.

    The Eagles if they get in could do some damage but they'd need the Bears to beat the Vikings in week 17 and the Bears will rest their starters at half if Rams are blowing the 49ers out. If I'm the Bears I'd just rest my starters.

    I think the Texans have the best value, I can see the Patriots losing hold of the #2 seed.