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    Former WWE legend Dynamite Kid who shot to wrestling fame alongside his cousin the Br

    • Wrester was one half of the British Bulldogs along with cousin Davey Boy Smith
    • But star had battled health problems and spent last few decades in a wheelchair
    • Billington started out at 13 and first made his name with Stampede Wrestling
    • He also worked in Japan before moving to WWF now known as WWE in 1984


    One of the greats RIP

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    I wonder what these health problems were? Steroids related?

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    looks like Big Boy Dan

    60 is a ripe old age to live to for a Wrassler

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    Honestly had no clue dynamite kid was still alive. Guy had a ton of health and substance problems. He was jacked in his prime, and he and Davey were a great tag team. RIP

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMoneyShot View Post
    I wonder what these health problems were? Steroids related?
    More than likely.
    Look at the upper arms. They're ripped.
    RIP, I remember watching him as a kid.