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    Hurt Pirates pitcher invites people to pee on his hand

    Jameson Taillon may be taking the axiom, By any means necessary, to a different level.

    The Pirates right-hander is looking into the idea of trying to heal a cut on the middle finger of his pitching hand by peeing on it. The idea isnt his own former outfielder Moises Alou was known for doing so, and both friends and fans reportedly suggested the idea to Taillon and he seems ready to go ahead with it.

    If it helps, Ill put a sign-up sheet and everyone can come and pee, Taillon said Sunday, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. I dont care. I just want it to go away.

    Taillon left his last start early because of the injury, and his status for Wednesday, his next scheduled start, is up in the air. Peeing on himself is just an idea for now as Taillon also may go a more conventional route to heal the cut. Hes already using a silver nitrate sleeve to speed up the healing, and there is no shortage of methods that dont involve urination. Pirates general manager Neal Huntington told reporters he plans on being cautious with the injury, so Taillon may miss his start regardless.

    However, you cant knock his dedication.

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    Sometimes after people have cancer, they go a little nuts.

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    Pee is sterile.

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    I think Moises did it to toughen his hands for batting which is why he didn't wear batting gloves.

    Oh good ole Moises...

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    Give Trump a call. He loves those golden showers.