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    get some help pal and less attention seeking

    that would be a start
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    write a book and help someone , gl sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downsouth View Post
    Is this Kolzig?
    Not sure but he sounds just like him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 19th Hole View Post

    What about the current relationship/marriage? The one where your wife found your gay porn a few days ago??
    Yeah...That relationship.

    Are you slipping through walls... out of and into parallel universes?
    You need a better script writer to keep the story line flowing...
    something like a certain gambler's positive cash flow bookie.
    truth is my wife left me about 3 years ago. reason i made that thread sound recent is i figured it would get more responses and maybe some good ideas

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    in no time youve become one of the best storytellers around here

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