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    Quote Originally Posted by SOUP View Post
    Need Over of 139.5 to finish off my parlay for 1,200$ lets go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOM_Toretto View Post
    Actually Nova shot 45% from 3 vs. Kansas, and their season long average is 40%

    Nova proved to me they can win games without the 3 - shot only 17% against Texas Tech for example - Nova the best offensive team Iíve seen in years. Jalen Brunson one of the best point guards in college in years.
    BOOM! Shot 37% from 3 and destroyed shitty ass Michigan

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    Glad I hedged, but upset for not hedging more.

    I'm never happy.

    It's a rough existence.

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    The Giant picks up 100 bills off the ground and leaves change

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiDNiTe View Post
    I have Michigan futures bet 11/1 only put a hundred a few rounds ago but thinking betting big on nova, mich def legit but really worried about the long runs when mich don't score nothing for ages, nova got so many shooters and mich really sux at fts don't think they can hang with nova
    Really wanted Michigan to win but after watching their matches knew they couldn't hang with nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by ans61201 View Post
    You have an entire group of people telling you nova will roll. Public is almost always wrong on these. Reminds me of the super bowl. That should make you a bit more confident in your ticket.

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    Free play,Lol....................

First ... 2345