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    Offensive flopping in the NBA has got to stop!

    James Harden started this shit. Run into guys and throw the ball up to get a foul. This shit is becoming comical in the NBA right now. The worst is when teams run a high pick at the 3 point stripe and when you try to run through the pick to defend the dribbler jacks up a 3 pointer. Harden and Lue Williams perfected it, now every team in the league is copying it. Bullshit. Refs need to stop calling this shit and let them play on.

    I use to hate defensive flopping and it's one reason I don't like watching college basketball but this shit is on another level of awful. The game is turning into free throw contests. Play ball. Where I grew up it was "no blood, no foul". Man up bitches.

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    so dumb what they call "shooting fouls" these days

    just throw the ball up after a foul and they give you free throws