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    He is dominating again today. It is going to be just like when Clemens and Pedro pitched, no run support.

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    Eatrda played great today also.

    Lets go jays ..fukkin osuna fukkin me like usual

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    He's a head case. Throwing shade on all boston sports until a new SB winner is crowned, BG

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    and on his second pitch, kimbrel blows a gem for sale

    what a fukkin joke

    leave the guy in...he was at 102 pitches...threw 111 last time out...jays couldnt touch him

    still gave me 41 points on draft kings but cmon manager

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    Ted Sheckler
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    Brutal way to get the game taken from you.
    But he is at 40+ pitches more than anyone else in the league. Probably don't want him tossing out 107 pitches from 1st to last game