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    Obrien is the biggest dumbfuk I've ever seen.....

    the stupid mother fukker sits there with a dumbass look on his face doin' nothing after the third down fuk job they took on the spot, when he should've thrown the fukkin' challange bean bag, then throws it after fourth down when even I knew that was a much more iffy play/spot....

    third down was clear as fuk it had been spotted way short of where it should have been put.....

    I haven't called in to a local radio show since the "Softiak" era to bitch, but I may call radio 610 at 2 pm today and rant on this arrogant prick Obrien.....

    as for Softiak (the nickname he got around town after my call to 610), aka Gary Kubiak.... I was so pissed after another lame texans' loss under Kubiak, that when the dj's were asking the listeners "do you think the texans defense is soft? give us a call..." My wife and I were headed to Galveston for a week, so I dialed them up and gave em this rant when Josh Innis and Rich Lord asked what I had to say:

    "I don't know if the Texans defense is soft, but I can tell you who is SOFT. Me! This Texans team makes me soft.... I've got an 'unflattering SOFT-ON' after watching yesterday's game.... Softiak sitting there on the sideline staring at his centerfold play list with a non-stop look of confusion and impotence makes me even softer.... I thought it was a centerfold, and Softiak was trying to get it up during the game, because the play on the field was even making HIM soft!!!"

    I went on for a bit longer, but that's the jist of it.... Funniest thing was after the call, Rich Lord says "did he say 'soft-on'???" And Innes adds "I don't know if you can say Soft-on on the air or not!"
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    Bring back the replacement refs.

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    I'm a Raiders fan, and went all in on them. I should probably be broke today. They still may have won somehow, but Houston got robbed of a TD then that obvious 1st down. Unreal, NFL. Something needs to change.

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    only silver lining in that horseshit game was I had forgotten I'd taken the Raiders -5 1/2 as a beat the prick play, figuring Obrien would fuk up the game and lose it somehow..... made me 3-2 on the week and 400 prick points.....

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    To his credit he got the first down on that play, the refs screwed him

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    Quote Originally Posted by KalouKalou View Post
    The black ref gave two really bad spot and the challenge come on it's easy to see it's a first down
    i've seen another game where his left foot is on the mark, but he spots the ball where his right foot is. multiple times. even then i was like wtf?? but no one said anything.

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    Typical prime time fuk job. Move along, nothing to see here.

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    I've seen refs before totally give a player the benefit of the doubt... marking it like 1-2 inches past where he hit. Once the player is down... they are already giving you the hand signals to move the sticks... well before the head referee gives you the first down call.

    Oddly enough on that series... (for mysterious reasons) the refs never gave any Houston player the benefit of the doubt. Already marking the play for the next down. When they measured on the 3rd down play... I was like how in the hell was he SHORT? The players UNIT was across the line to gain.

    I just don't understand the mental capacity of these officials? You watch games on Sunday Ticket back and forth.... and you say to yourself... naw he didn't make the line to gain... and once the line judge comes in.... and is already giving the hand signals to the stick crew FIRST DOWN. You're like gee... I guess it was a first down.

    Then you see something like in MNF game last night for Houston... that was clearly a first down.... and Corrente is out there with a magnifying glass.... and he still can't get the call right. I already knew select games were rigged. But, don't be so obvious next time.

    Corrente is the type of guy that's in on it. Look throughout his history in some of the oddest calls... at select times during games... and he is very inconsistent. Odd offensive holding calls.... crazy personal fouls roughing the passer. When he makes the call on the mic... guy lies through his teeth. Fukking guy is scum.

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    You people are as f**king stupid as they come. It is idiots like you that make people like me wealthy. Do you people have one ounce of brains in your head? Because if you do (and that is very doubtful) you would have known that the Raiders were going to get the benefit of the calls in Mexico. All you losers know how to do is cry after you have lost yet another game. You guys are such wimps that most ladies would beat the caca out of you. Grow up losers. You lose so often you should be used to it by now.

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    Benefit of the calls? So we should change the rules as we go? Instead of 10 yards for a first down... is it 11 yards for Houston?

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    The game has been manipulated by the refs for the 40 years I've been watching. Just years ago they weren't under the microscope they are today. And yet you all keep wagering.

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    Interesting book I read a few years on this topic actually. Quick read if interested. Cubans quotes on the bottom of link re: book is pretty funny.


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    You guys aren't used to these awful refs yet? They couldn't be much worse.

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