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    7'6" Tacko Fall. 81% FG and 21% FT

    Hope to see this guy in the NBA like Manute


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    He's the same as last season UC Irvine's 7'6" Mamadou Ndaiye, you don't see him in the NBA.

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    Any guy named Tacko has got to be cool.

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    I saw Tacko on Fri. or Sat., raw but could be good, I can see him in the league. Like most of them, he's only been playing 3 or 4 years, a little more strength and endurance and work on fundamentals and never know. Prob come off bench or development league, but he's not the typical 7'6 stiff. He can actually run and chew gum.

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    Wow, not a stiff..had 20 vs Villanova and 26 vs Miss St. Guy is the real deal..

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    he will be effective pro

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    Saw a TV clip the other day that said the guy is shooting 81 percent and that's only fourth best in the country. Holy _____!