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    Quote Originally Posted by Naz18 View Post
    Of course players are still taking steroids, it never stopped.

    Remember when A-rod was suspended, he never even failed a test, he was simply caught buying them.
    This...users are always ahead of the testing.

    Only the morons get caught.

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    PEDs may be a significant factor, but don't sleep on juiced ball theory:http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/...-new-steroids/

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    So, if it's a "juiced ball" we're talking about..... are these in select games? Or.... all games?

    Maybe Vegas knows which games.... especially when some of these totals seem "off the charts" and somewhat ridiculous at times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Living The Dream View Post
    Man.. some of you guys way off... Arod did fail a test, it was during the confidentiality tests and was leaked.. so did Ortiz

    Arod also had a detailed instructions of when to take the "gummys" how many to take and a heads up when a test was coming... This was all in the courts from the Miami "doctor" who was helping these athletes and got jail time for acting as a doctor with no license
    he didn't test positive when he got suspended pal. he tested positive back in 2003.

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    Giant STOP. Baseball is clean now. Let's hope it stays that way

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