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    Golf top 20 finish = free money?

    I recently noticed you can bet on top 20 or top 10 finishes at reasonable odds.

    For example some fav is priced like @8 to win the tournament but @1.6 to finish in top 20, isn't that like 90% sure to cash? That sounds like betting on "Novak Djokovic to finish in top 4 @1.6" except there are no such bets in tennis.

    So what I'm saying is - take the top 5 golfers, bet they'll finish in top 20, enjoy free cash. Or?

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    top two favorites at the PGA Championship missed the cut

    the favorites often struggle

    previous majors had similar things, where like half the top favorites missed the cut

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    If it were that easy, the books wouldn't exist.

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    If it was that easy everybody would do it