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    Mark Hunt : USADA & UFC & Dana White should die in hell

    Mark very emotional again

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    White knows they cheat

    He just wants to make money

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    mark does have a point that when you get caught cheating you just get banned for 2 years without any monetary penalty, where as if you miss weight you lose 20% of your purse. i guess that's the main difference between ufc and other sports. he thinks if you penalize people monetarily, they'll stop. until then, cheating will be rampant. i agree with him there. you have to make them feel it in their pockets. but cheaters are gonna cheat regardless especially in sports like mixed martial arts. it's that kill or be killed mentality you need to have to succeed in this sport imo even if you have to cheat.

    one main thing though, he has to realize ufc is a business and they don't really care about the fighters. what they care about is profit. if they penalized and banned all the fighters that juiced, the company would go bankrupt. fans want to see roided out aggro monkeys. not some great sportsmanship having, hugging it out type of fights. we want to see roided freaks that want to kill each other.

    how many fights does mark have left in the contract? i just think he doesn't want to fight anymore. i don't blame him though. it's a tough way to make a living.

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    Got to love the fight in the fkr...

    He makes good pts though..

    Love the comment "sticking needles in your bunghole".. JJ is a pro at that.

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    Mark Hunt knew he was gonna face a roided up Lesnar.. He's just wanting more money now for getting his ass kicked..

    Not sure how to take this??? Dana White had to fill the slot last minute on that card and he got it done.. Rules didn't apply in that fight..

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    of course he knew. so why is he making such a big deal out of it? i mean the guy fought in pride where everyone was encouraged to juice.

    i think he's no longer hungry and want to retire. he's probably making a big deal thinking, man ufc is worth 4 billion? maybe if i keep on crying they'll just pay me couple mil to retire. win win for him. just like how it was a win win for lesnar to hit and run after ufc 200.

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    Or he's just angry at the double standards.
    One rule for the superstars and fines and regulations for the rest.
    That's how he sees it by the looks of it.