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    Too easy
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    Thanks twiz. Owe ya a beer.
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    Things that go BANG mostly.
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    Thanks Michigan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRIT View Post
    Nevermind. Both these team suck.
    ND just about as unstable as Mich but not quite. I can see Mich scoring a lucky win over ND, typical of something that happens in the tourney.
    Tulsa backers got burned, Mich lucky to cover - tied with minute left and horseshoe falls on Wlvrns.

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    You're a douche Wizzle but, Hou took a good shot here & posted some pretty sound rationale pre tip.
    GL tomorrow.

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    OP...Thanks for the win.

    You're a forgettable character but your picks
    are solid gold.
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    Unlucky beat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuck_BELL View Post
    Unlucky beat

First 123