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    Quote Originally Posted by NardVa View Post
    Trump exposed America for what it is, a bunch of racist people. Trump appeals to the hatred in America. That's why people are coming out in record numbers.
    That's why a black President won last term.. That's why Hillary a woman has a legit chance of winning.. Americans are so racist as whole...lol..

    The stupidity of posts from foreigners on this forum are over whelming!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightShrute View Post
    if you are referring to yourself, I am not saying that. There is no chance in hell anyone can say liberals are more tolerant than conservatives when it comes to free speech. Liberals may claim they are until you disagree with them.

    I meant the guy standing on the flag actually. And I'm only kinda liberal. I vote for the Aussie version of GOP most times. But thats ok. Enough politics for me today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optional View Post
    Typical of the loud mouth idiots around here. Deflect when shown to have said the opposite of the truth.

    You said that he and liberals hate free speech. Nothing about interrupting someone else. And now you add violence! Do you just make shit up in your head as you go along?
    Well WTF do you call it when someone jumps a barricade to storm the stage with the goal of taking over another individual's platform and literally grab the mike from out of his hand? People were there to listen to Donald Trump.

    Quote Originally Posted by Optional View Post
    What the hell is your logic train with that statement anyway? Liberals are not allowed to interrupt people you like but you are allowed to demand he should not speak?
    He can speak all he wants - in his own forum. If he wants to give a speech, he is free to do that.

    I'm not surprised you're not smart enough to understand the above. You're the type of guy who only supports the free speech of people who agree with your despicable viewpoint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightShrute View Post
    not every lineup is a police lineup like you and your homies are used to.
    Be careful buddy...

    My homies are in El Salvador and can just make a phone call or drive down to Costa Rica and pay a visit to your Canadian ass

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