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    I'm done score watching

    Will check my balance in the mornin g
    i didn't make any bets yesterday and everybody kept commenting on how I was more social and being nice lol
    gambling rly changes you whether you realize it or not

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    i once bet on the Mets a few years ago, I was about to get on a 6 hour flight with no internet. Had no idea what was happening until I got off the flight and checked the score. They won, but i thought damn, if this was the only way to bet on sports I wouldn't do it. While we all gamble to hopefully win some extra cash, it's the thrill of watching the game unfold that we're all hooked on.

    Guarantee you will at least peak at your wagers before you go to sleep

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    Hippy, you're going to look.

    Who are you kidding?

    What you're suggesting is going to a strip club, getting a seat in the back, and not staring at the titties. No one does that, Hippy.
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    Score watching ok

    TV watching no good