I play this game for fun every month and usually will quit at the beginning of the month if I lose my streak. However, this month I've had some unbelievable luck along with some great picks and am currently #15 overall with a streak of 20 wins.

the leader has 24, usually 28-30 wins in a row will win the month. I think with some patience and help from everyone here I can take this thing down!

For or everyone not familiar, ESPN offers about 15-20 match ups and props from various sporting events each day.

Fortunately they have offered Michigan state straight up at home vs Iowa tonight as a -8.5 favorite. So I will be going for W21 with that.

My username is "The Muru" for anyone interested. Streak.espn.go.com is the website to check match ups each day. image.jpeg

Everyone one agree with Michigan state tonight for 21?