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    Is online gambling legal in the US?

    I'm from Europe but have been thinking about a trip to the United States. When I try to find information on google, just about every website about the subject that I've come across says it's illegal to place bets in the US. Also, many of the sportsbooks outright ban residents and citizens of the US.

    Then again, there are sportsbooks that use US dollars, and accept players from America! Some books have US customer service phone number listed on their site. So, I'm confused.... Is it or is it not illegal to place bets on US territory? Or does it depend on which state you are in?

    Thanks, I'd like to know..

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    It is illegal

    Nevada, Las Vegas is legal

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    It's basically legal for the player. penetrate the government and their oppressive laws. " the land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy" Rage against the machine.

    Welcome to america

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    Not legal

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    If you come to US, don't hire Otters as your lawyer
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