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    He's on the Bill Cunningham conservative talk radio show alot which used to be the Matt Drudge show as well as being a guest on many other radio shows.He was the Libertarian vice presidential candidate last time out when Bob Barr ran for president on the libertarian ticket.Wayne is right on when he talks politics and is a wee bit like Robert Schiff who has a libertarian radio show.They are constitutionalists like Judge Napolitano who just got canned by Fox.They all expose Obama's socialism and they welcome Obama lovers to call in where no one supporting Obama's socialism can put up any credible counterpoint why Obama is right on anything like Obamacare,GM bailouts and discriminating against anyone who is non union.So ** Donald's doesn't have to go along with Obamacare.Why are they excluded if it's so great??GM and Chrysler get bailouts to compete against non union car companies in the south who don't get business welfare.Look at all the green-solar gscam companies Obama was friends with who got government welfare and went broke.

    Now you hjave socialist Obama telling Boing they can't make planes in South Carolina.So much for the USA being a free market country.It's getting so socialist here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrigley View Post
    John is this really his house and were you ever in it?
    I have no reason to doubt that is his house. He was big time for a while. I think he took his gig public and and eventually it went to nothing....big surprise

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    He was a professional salesman period
    A gift to gab
    He could of sold anything

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    He's winning at life though

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    damit man

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    "source: gambling911.com"

    they reported once that John, Ken & Calvin had a drunken 3-way - 'Sting' just watched & J/O

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    most of these old touts really are millionaires unless they blew it all. it's unreal they made so much providing such shitty content.

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    you guys are thinking of proline and sports desk

    they would both run on saturday mornings in the late 80s/90s, then sports desk kind of went away but proline stayed mainstream until a few years ago

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