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    I love the excuses given by stiffs...

    These people are the lowest of the low. They lack a sense of reality. I have heard and seen the following:

    1) Stiffs act like they are doing YOU a favor when they decide to pay back what THEY owe. I had one guy tell me he was paying back a little at a time even though he had the full amount. Jee thanks I will take $2.00 a week when you have the whole $500 to pay me with.

    2) I love the..."don't bash me or I will continue to stiff". How messed up is someone that says that? So you made a mistake but don't want your feelings hurt

    3) My circumstances stiff. Blames everything from the economy to his bad childhood to the common cold.

    4) The revenge stiff. Someone stiffed or wronged him so he is going to stiff you.

    5) The post up stiff. Had this happen in an office pool; the guy took the money and blew it on cocaine so I called his wife and got paid.

    6) The short term memory stiff. Forgets about a loan or bet.

    7) The hey I got stiffed stiff. Stiffs that win bets and don't get paid complaining about it

    8) Holiday stiffs. I had one loser tell me it's Christmas and he is trying to change Well here's a clue dipshit when you sit on Santa's lap ask him for a set of balls.

    Bottom line is stiffs are liars and thieves. If you take a loan, pay it. Make a bet and lose, pay it. Owe someone money...PAY IT.

    Not going to name names but this forum has some pretty disgusting people. Some real low class losers.

    Happy Holidays to all Stiffs. My New Year's resolution consists of me, a baseball bat and your heads.

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    hey um i changed banks and apperantly they dont just give you cash anymore or a check they do it electronically and i found out today that it can take up to 5 days to complete. can you raise my credit and i will pay it all to you on friday?

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    #1 bothers me a great deal