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    After 18 Years, My Final Thread at SBR

    Originally posted on 02/27/2023:

    Guys, I am not going to lie, this is the toughest thread I have ever had to make. After nearly 18 years (including about one year as writer on front page before actively joining forum), this will be my final thread at SBR.

    About one month ago I was told my contract will not be renewed beyond tomorrow (Feb. 28), as contests will now be run through the soon to be rolled out new contest platform here and my services as Contest Manager are no longer required. Furthermore, I will no longer post in the forum as, after some back-and-forth contemplation, I accepted a position within the same industry.

    It has been a blast conversing with you guys over the years, there has been some lively banter along the way both good and bad, and I will miss that most of all. Also, sorry that you will no longer get a chance to fade my daily picks over the last year or so.

    Regardless, I wish everyone here well, and maybe some of our paths will cross in the future.

    Good Luck to All!

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    GL LT wish you the best, you are a great guy and have done a great job here in my opinion!! Thanks for all the work you have done over the years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We will miss you lt, Please let us know where you are going we will follow. Screw this shitty forum now.