Originally posted on 05/12/2021:

This is Carol, sam9ball's wife. Wanted to stop by and say Thank you to all of you who have posted such wonderful things about My Sam. Sam truly enjoyed his time here with SBR and getting to meet all of you who attended the Bashes, he would spend a year ahead of time making sure that everything was set up and ready for you to enjoy. Sam's biggest, proudest moment was FINALLY getting JJ to attend a bash! Sam was a true original in how he treated people, he never ever met a stranger, just a friend he hadn't yet met. Thank you to all who donated here on the sight and to the GOFUNDME that I set up, this will go towards paying for the unexpected costs of 4 days in ICU hooked to a Dialysis machine for 72 hours, his organs completely failed, starting with Liver, kidneys, lungs and finally heart. I just wanted to say that like Sam always said," When the chips are down, these guys always come through" for those who need it most, for that I am truly Grateful and for the kindness, respect and joy you brought to My Sam, I am forever Thankful.