Originally posted on 10/07/2015:

Bobbywaves loses sleep at night because no one understands that bobby is a better poker player than Tripe.
He wakes up & can't wait to type about how he's a better ayer in the short term & brags about how the better player wins out anually & he can't wait to type about how easy it was to win 29k from Tripe. All this is based on How Strong bobs Game is.
Yet when challenged for tens of thousands of points he finds a way to avoid putting his precious points where his mouth is. (Usually premised by the fact that if, you don't have 70,000, I'm not Betting with you)
Now i give him another opportunity to put his money where his mouth is. And what do you know...he answers my question with a question.
"Why would I take a Bet that requires me to beat Tripe over the season?"
Thats all you have?

Forget the other players.
All you have to do is beat Triple D.
Thats it.
If the Jays win & you beat him you win.
If you can't beat him & the Jays lose the pennant, you still win.

After the bottom of the 1st inning tomorrow, this bet is off the table.

(Even though I know this is an effort in futilely, because you are a trash talkin coward)
.....I'll still leave it on the table but its my 4,000 vs. Your 8,000. -Non Negotiable-

Take care Bob.
And GL no matter what you decide to do here.