Originally posted on 12/02/2014:

Because...the teens who did the beating's were slaved a few years ago and not allowed a chance to go to publics schools for free to get an education...an evil corporation made their parents work for a living so they couldn't be at home to raise them right...which led to a white woman making the father leave the home so no role models...the lack of opportunity forced other black kids to make rap music which tells them money over everything and kill cops and rape bitches and whitey is the devil....so they absorbed all this in and went out and hammered the guy. Its not their fault though....it was the white guy's...cause he messed up their lives.

NOW...had the white guy pulled a gun and shot a couple of the thugs...he would have been on CNN within minutes "white man with gun shoots college bound black teens in St Louis who were carrying tools to Ferguson to rebuild burned down businesses and help give back to community"...white man alleged the blacks hit him with a hammer but no video exists so we must assume he was a KKK member out to get them first and they defended themselves against institutional racism. Hammers up don't shoot!